GSP Care of Ohio Rescue, Inc. is dedicated to helping GSPs in need throughout Ohio, Indiana and northern Kentucky. Our group was founded in 1992 as part of the German Shorthair Pointer Club of Ohio. We will work with shelters, humane organizations, and individual owners to assist with behavior issues, placement, health care, and other decisions and issues regarding GSPs. We will take homeless GSPs into our foster care program to evaluate their temperaments, ensure that they are spayed/neutered and will place them in an appropriate home. We will not place an unaltered or people-aggressive dog. We will screen potential adopters and do everything in our power to ensure that the right dog is matched with the right home and that the dog is well-cared for. Our ultimate goal is that all GSPs be in loving, permanent homes for their entire lives and that no GSP be left in a shelter or euthanized for inappropriate reasons.


We are a group of volunteers who love the breed and are familiar with the breed characteristics. The foster dogs live in our homes as we do not have a shelter with set hours. Our foster homes take in dogs from pounds and shelters as well as strays. We must take animals in shelters as a priority over owner-turn-ins due to the urgent situation of a shelter animal. Our foster homes evaluate the dog to the best of their ability as well as have the dog vetted and spayed/neutered. Our volunteers not only own/handle  GSP’s but many have breed experience with similar breeds as well.  It would be no surprise to see other breeds fostered by our volunteers as well.


We do not breed dogs. We believe breeding should be done by responsible breeders for the betterment of the breed.


Rescue dogs are not defective. They are often the direct result of someone getting a dog and not taking the time to properly train and socialize it. If you’re looking for a pet, consider giving a home to a wonderful rescue dog. They have so much to offer and the rewards are endless.


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